I want overalls so I can quit school and paint all day bc that’s what u do in overalls…. also I cut my hair
grumpyjellyfish asked:

btw i saw you said you are a lump of shit but no no no you are gorgeous and i said that already im so awkward but you are lovely and i know its hard to be happy but you got this!

awwww thank u! it is pretty hard but I’ll get there eventually :-) you’re a beauts person! x

grumpyjellyfish asked:

youve met them so many times you are so lucky and your tattoo is beautiful they mean so much to me ugh and you are gorgeous what the heck

wowwweeee thank you for the flood of compliments you are lovely! hahaha :-) x x

ashtonsdigits asked:

hi! i was just wondering what font you got your tattoo in? i'm looking everywhere for a typewriter font for my future tattoo and i love that one!

hiiiiii! I just looked on dafont cause I couldn’t remember hahaha I think it’s ‘hammer keys’ x

if you’ve said nice things about my tattoo then you are sweet as and I like you very much

eweisgerber12 asked:

I love the tattoo you got. That is my favorite song from the album and it's really cool that it had a lot of meaning to you.

Thanks so much! It’s a really beautiful song! xx

punxhead asked:

hi! i just saw your tattoo picture, and it inspired me for one of my pictures in a challenge i do (a 365 photo challenge, basically i post a picture every day of the year). i thought you might wanna know you inspired me. here it is if you wanna check it out! :) zarah365(.)tumblr(.)com/post/93343590870

Oh wow! That’s such a lovely post, wow bless u! I’m glad it inspired you today! :-) xxxx

trying to be positive today but all I can think about is how much of a lump of shit I am lolzzzz x x x x