treated ourselves after our first uni journalistic piece on the south bank, oh us future journos 😛
I love the south bank and everything here.
Anonymous asked:

It's okay to not like how you look, and i know youre trying your hardest to love yourself, and it's tough. And i have body issues too. But what i wanna say is you are not your body. You have a body. You are a soul. And a very beautiful one at that :)

oh, you’re a lovely person. thank you for this, honestly. xx 

Anonymous asked:

B please don't think bad about yourself

I can’t help it :( I wish I liked myself and my body but it’s impossible. it’s so hard.

palz 💗

I look bigger than I thought I did and it’s made me sad. but I see other people who think they’re ugly and I’m like no way, you’re beautiful. I wish I could see that in myself.

Anonymous asked:

Where'd you get those 5sos stickers on your laptop, they're cool :)

Just all the EPs, thank you! x

an appropriate cure for my home sickness, of course.

swear I’ve never looks so ugly, I’ve never felt so big, my mind is the ugly thing…it’s so shit. I need to go home being alone with my own mind just eats me up 😪😪😪

Anonymous asked:

I love you 💖💖💖

I love you too, stranger 😅💗

call me when your sock game is as cute as mine 💅💁 (I told the world I’d spend my student loan on socks and I haven’t disappointed)
I’m just getting bigger and bigger and I know it’s all I moan about but it’s all I think about

been at brick lane all day and I thought I’d take this to look really serious and cool, wow I’m just so arty farty man ✖️
Iittle family 💗